It All Starts With Acoustics

We have a saying in audio: "garbage in, garbage out". So if you start recording in a gym or garage or bedroom, it will likely sound that way in the end. It could be the sound you want but more than often, not! GRP has an acoustically engineered studio and control room to allow the best environment to capture the purity of the instrument(s) or voice(s).

Critical Listening

Knowing exactly what you are hearing is of the utmost importance. For example, if your room and/or speakers are bass heavy, you'll mix bass light . . . if your room is too live, you'll mix dry. GRP's control room is acoustically calibrated with absorption, diffusion and bass traps to allow the most natural flat frequency response possible. With a combination of near field and laser aligned over-bridge monitors, there's never a surprise when you hear your product on the radio!

The best of analog and digital

The age old argument of which is better, analog or digital is a bit of a non-argument. Our answer is both. They both have an integral place in achieving the best recording possible. GRP has a discreet vintage analog API console. We have both tube and solid state microphones and outboard gear. We also have Protools and analog recording options. One size does not fit all. Our experience guides us in determining the right approach for each project . . after all, they are all totally unique creations!

Good Vibrations!

You can see by our audio client list (to the left), that we have worked with a lot of major labels and artists. What does that mean? Nothing really. Every single one of those artists is from somewhere. Your somewhere is right here. It's GRP's mission to get you where you want to go . . and have fun doing it!